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tours to armenia
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Day 1: Yerevan City — tour

  • Arrival to «Zvartnots» International Airport. Our guide will meet you at the airport. Transfer to the hotel in Yerevan.
  • Panoramic tour round Yerevan city — the ancient capital of Armenia, which is 29 years older than Rome. Tour Itinerary: «Mother Armenia» monument offers a nice overview of the whole city, the Opera House, Republic  Square, «Cascade» architectural complex, the Museum of Contemporary Art named Cafesjian, the monument to the hero of «David Sasuntsi» Armenian epos.
  • Lunch in Yerevan (Armenian traditional restaurant).
  • Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

Day 2: Yerevan —  Hripsime —  Echmiadzin —  Zvartnots —  Vernissage

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Trip to Echmiadzin town. Visiting the Church of St. Hripsime (7th century). The church was built in 618 on the site of an ancient pagan temple, where Saint Hripsime had been tortured and killed.
  • Excursion to Echmiadzin Cathedral (4th century) — the center of Armenian Apostolic Church. This is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world, the residence of the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians. (Holy mass is only held on Sunday)
  • Lunch in Echmiadzin.
  • Visit the beautiful and majestic ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral (9th century) — temple of Vigil Forces, Heavenly Angels Church.
  • Return to Yerevan. Visit Eastern market and fair «Vernissage», where you can buy souvenirs, gifts, jewelry and other handmade products from wood, stone, including precious, silver and other materials (full working days Saturday and Sunday).
  • Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

Day 3: Yerevan — Sevan — Haghartsin — Yerevan

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Drive to Lake Sevan, which is the pearl of Armenia and the largest freshwater basin in Eurasia and the second largest Alpine lake in the world. Sevan is situated at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level. Visiting Sevanavank monastery (9th century).
  • Lunch in Sevan (tasting fish from the lake).
  • Visiting a beautiful monastery — Haghartsin (12th century), hidden between wooded hills and cliffs.
  • Return to Yerevan. Transfer to the hotel. Free time.


Day 4: Yerevan — Khor Virap — Wine Factory «Areni» — «Bird Cave» — Noravank — Goris

  • Breakfast at the hotel. Check out from the hotel.
  • Tour to Khor Virap monastery (literally translated as «deep dungeon») (7 – 17th centuries). You will see the underground pit where the first Patriarch of Armenian Apostolic Church St. Grigor Lusavorich (Saint Gregory the Illuminator) languished in prison for 13 years. The monastery is located 50 km away from Yerevan on the Armenian – Turkish border. You will enjoy the wonderful view of the Biblical Mount Ararat.
  • Excursion to the winery in Areni village, where wine from local grapes is produced (wine tasting).
  • A trip to the karst caves in Areni, also known as the «Bird’s Cave», where a 5500 year — old leather shoe was found.
  • Trip to Noravank monastery (9 – 13th centuries) is one of the most magnificent medieval monuments of Armenia, located on the ledge of narrow winding gorge with rare red rocks. This is truly a masterpiece of Armenian architecture.
  • Lunch in the refectory of Noravank monastery.
  • Trip to Goris. Dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Goris — Khndzoresk — Tatev — Zorac Karer — Yerevan

  •  Breakfast at the hotel. Check out from the hotel.
  • A visit to the village of Khndzoresk, which is famous for its ancient cave dwellings on the hillside. «Dead city» of the living descendants holds many unsolved mysteries. In Khndzoresk there is a winging bridge, which runs across a deep and incredibly beautiful canyon, with its cliffs and caves.
  • Tour of Tatev monastery — unique monument of Armenian architecture built in the 9th century. Tatev without exaggeration can be considered one of the most beautiful and amazing places on the Planet. By the monastery there is the longest reverse ropeway in the world (5752 m), ranked in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • Lunch in a traditional Armenian restaurant.
  • A trip to Zorats Karer, the ancient Observatory (Armenian Karahunj), which is 7000 years old. The phrase « Zorats Karer» is literally translated from Armenian as «an army of stones».  Armenian Karahunj has similarities with English Stonehenge.
  • Return to Yerevan. Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

Day 6: Yerevan — Garni — Geghard — Yerevan

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Trip to Garni — Symphony of Armenian architecture. It is the only surviving pagan temple in Armenia. Built in the Hellenistic style in the 1st century by the Armenian King Trdat I and dedicated to the God of the Sun Mithras.
  • Visiting the monastery Geghard (12 – 13th centuries). It is a unique monastery complex, where the temple is completely carved in the rock. The name «Geghard» literally «the monastery of the spear» is due to the fact that in this place Christian relic — the spear, which, according to tradition, a Roman soldier had pierced the crucified Jesus with was kept (now kept in the Museum of Echmiadzin).
  • Lunch at the restaurant above the gorge of the Azat river and demonstration baking «lavash» — traditional Armenian bread in the tonir (oven in the ground).
  • Return to Yerevan. Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

Day 7: Yerevan — Monument of Armenian Alphabet — Amberd — Saghmosavank — Yerevan

  •  Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Visiting the monument of Armenian alphabet. The monument is located on the slope of Aragats Mountain, and is dedicated to 1600 anniversary of creation of the Armenian alphabet. 39 giant, carved Armenian letters from the famous red tuff, placed near the resting place of St. Mesrop Mashtots — the creator of the Armenian alphabet in 405.
  • Trip to Amberd fortress (literally translated as «fortress of clouds») (10th century), a vivid example of Armenian medieval architecture and one of the few preserved feudal castles in Armenia. Located in a beautiful and deep gorge, halfway to the top of the mountain between two rivers it blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape (Mount Aragats — the highest mountain in Armenia — 4096m above sea level).
  • Excursion to Saghmosavank monastery (13 century), which stands on the Western edge of Kasakh river canyon. You will enjoy the magnificent views of the canyon.
  • Lunch.
  • Return to Yerevan. Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

Day 8: Transfer to the airport. Departure.

The price is per person on basis of DBL/TWIN occupancy and includes all taxes and duties.

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The tour price includes:
  • Hotel accommodation (6 nights in Yerevan, 1 night in Goris)
  • Meals — breakfast, lunch and 1 dinner
  • Transfer to / from the airport
  • All transfers (comfortable minibus or bus with air conditioning)
  • Services of professional English-speaking guides
  • Wine tasting in Areni village
  • Entrance tickets (where necessary)
The tour price does NOT include:
  • Alcoholic beverages (in restaurants)
  • Air tickets

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Notes. Please note the following information:
  1. Accommodation in other hotels on request.
  2. The first and last days can be changed depending on the time of your flight arrival/departure.
  3. We can arrange this tour at any time convenient for you.
  4. We can change the program and sightseeing objects and create a personal tour at your option.
  5. The hotel check in starts at 14:00. Depending on the arrival / departure time, early/late check-in are possible. If necessary, we can book an extra night in the hotel (additional charges apply).
  6. Room cleaning is in accordance with the rules of the hotel.
  7. For security purposes, all our tourists and those who depend on weather conditions (fog, sleet, rain, snow, etc.), may change the tour program or completely resign (with refunds for not attending a particular facility included in the tour program).