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tours to armenia
Saghmosavank monastery 13th century

Saghmosavank Monastery

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Saghmosavank monastery is located on the eastern outskirts of the village of Saghmosavan, Aragatsotn district of Armenia. Like the Hovanavank...
Amaras monastery 4th century

Amaras monastery

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According to the testimonies of Armenian historians Amaras Monastery has been a famous religious and cultural center since the 4th century, when...
Aruch monastery 7th century

Aruch monastery

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The village Aruch is one of the oldest settlements of Armenia. It is situated in historical Aragatsotn province, at the southern foot of Aragats...
Dadivank monastery 9th century

Dadivank monastery

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According to a legend Dadivank Monastery was founded in the 1st century over the tomb of St. Thadeu’s disciple Dadi. The survived edifices...
Echmiadzin Cathedral 4th century

Echmiadzin Cathedral

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Echmiadzin, which means the «The Descent of the Only Begotten Son», is an ancient capital of Armenia. According to legend, Jesus Christ descended...
Gandzasar monastery 10th century

Gandzasar monastery

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Among the monuments of Artsakh, Gandzasar monastery has its significant and special place. It is considered to be one of the pearls of Armenian...
Garni temple 1th century AD

Garni temple

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Built in the place of an Urartian Temple. Garni Temple in Armenia is the only wholly preserved sample of Hellenistic architecture in Armenia. The...
St.Gayane church 7th century

St. Gayane church

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The St. Gayane Church was built in Echmiadzin by the order of the Catholicos Yezr in 630, according to the contemporary author Sebaeos. The...
Geghard monastery 4th century

Geghard monastery

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The astounding Geghard monastery is situated 6 km from the temple at Garni and is revered throughout Armenia as one of the country’s...
Gndevank monastery 10th century

Gndevank monastery

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Gndevank Monastery is a medieval Armenian complex, which is located in West of Gndevaz village of Vayots Dzor region, on the left bank of the...
Goshavank monastery 12th century

Goshavank monastery

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To the north of Lake Sevan is one of the greatest Armenian monasteries, Goshavank. Built in 1191 in the place of the. Getik Church destroyed by...
St. Gregory Illuminator cathedral

St. Gregory cathedral

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St. Gregory Illuminator Cathedral of Yerevan is an ensemble of 3 churches which together seat nearly 2,000. The main church seats 1700 – a...
Haghartsin monastery 13th century

Haghartsin monastery

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Haghartsin Monastery is near the town of Dilijan includes three churches, two gavits (one in ruins), a refectory, a group of chapels and several...
Haghpat monastery 10th century

Haghpat monastery

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Haghpat Monastery, one of the most resplendent monasteries in Armenian history. It was founded by Saint Nishan at about the same time as the...
Harichavank monastery 7th century

Harichavank monastery

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Harichavank Monastery is located near the village of Harich in the Shirak region of Armenia. Harichavank Monastery known as one of the most...
Havuts Tar monastery 11th century

Havuts Tar monastery

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Havuts Tar Monastery is situated a few kilometers from the temple of Garni, and can actually be seen from the temple. Havuts Tar Monastery,...
Hayravank monastery 9th century

Hayravank monastery

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The Hayravank monastery complex of the 9-12th century is located on the north-eastern part of Hayravank village on Lake Sevan’s shore in the...
Hovhannavank monastery 5th century

Hovhannavank monastery

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Century of Foundation: V. Region: Aragatsotn, Location: Ohanavan village, canyon of the Kassagh river. Hovhannavank Monastery buildings rise off...
Hripsime Church 7th century

St. Hripsime church

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Hripsime Church was built by the order of the Catholicos Komitas in 618. The legend of Hripsime dates from the early days of Christianity....
Karmravor church 7th century

Karmravor church

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Century of Foundation: VII, Region: Aragatsotn, Location: Ashtarak, Karmravor Church was built in the mid-7th century, in the town of Ashtarak....
Kecharis monastery 11th century

Kecharis monastery

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Kecharis Monastery is a medieval Armenain monastic complex dating back to the 11th to 13th centuries, located 60 km from Yerevan, in the ski...
Khor Virap monastery 5th century

Khor Virap monastery

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Khor Virap Monastery dates back to 4th –17th centuries and offers the best view of the Sacred Mountain Ararat where Noah’s Ark landed. Khor...
Kobayr monastery 12th century

Kobayr monastery

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Kobayr Monastery complex was built in 12th-13th century. Kobayr Monastery, which means ayr – cave in Armenian and kob-cave in Georgian, is...
Makaravank monastery 10th century

Makaravank monastery

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Makaravank Monastery is situated in Tavush region (close to Ijevan) high on the top of a mountain. The complex consists of three churches. Here...
Marmashen monastery 10th century

Marmashen Monastery

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Marmashen Monastery complex, located to the northwest of Gyumri, this monastery has four churches (one of which, circular, has only recently been...
Mastara church 5th century

Mastara church

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The church of St. Hovhannes also called Mastara Church is located in Mastara village, Armenia. According to the historical sources relics of St....
Mughni church 17th century

Mughni church

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Sometimes no matter how old you get, you are still being recognized as the son or daughter of your father. So is the case with Saint Gevorg...
Noravank Monastery 13th century

Noravank monastery

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The Noravank Monastery is situated deep in the Noravank canyon, and from a distance appears to be perched high on the flat surface of a rock,...
Odzun church 5th century

Odzun church

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The domed basilica of Odzun Church was built in the mid-6th century. At the center of an eastward-oriented rectangular space there are four solid...
St.Mesrop Mashtots church 5th century

St. Mesrop Mashtots church

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The Mesrop Mashtots Church in Oshakan village dates to 5-19th centuries. The creator of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots died in 444 and was...
Sanahin monastery 10th century

Sanahin monastery

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Sanahin village is connected to the main highway by a footbridge built in 1192, the oldest well-preserved bridge in Armenia. Erected near the...
St.Sargis church 17th century

St. Sargis church

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The St. Sargis Church was built in 1450. Standing upon the upper part of Dzoragyugh and facing the old Yerevan Fortress on the left bank of the...
Sevanavank monastery 9th century

Sevanavank Monastery

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On the Peninsula of Lake Sevan, two cross-shaped churches dating from 874 typify the Armenian architectural Renaissance following almost two...
Shoghakat monastery 5th century

Shoghakat church

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Century of Foundation: XVII Date of Foundation: 1694 Region: Armavir Location: Echmiadzin. The Shoghakat church, built in 1694, has a domed hall...
Spitakavor church 14th century

Spitakavor church

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Located way above the town of Yeghegnadzor, Spitakavor is a small monastery complex near Boloraberd Fortress. The track leading to the monastery...
Tanahat monastery 8th century

Tanahat monastery

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The Tanahat Monastery once was one of the most famous monasteries in Syunik region. This complex achieved the peak of its fame in the 13th -14th...
Tatev monastery 9th century

Tatev monastery

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Tatev Monastery is one of the four most wonderful places of Armenia together with the monasteries of Sanahin, Noravank and Haghpat. Located 1600...
Tegher monastery 13th century

Tegher monastery

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Tegher Monastery is located on the southern reach of Mount Aragats, in the province of Ashtarak. Its church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a sober...
Tsakhats Kar monastery 11th century

Tsakhats Kar monastery

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Tsakhats Kar is on the mountains not far from the village of Eghegis in Vayots Dzor region. The monastery consists of two groups of edifices. The...
Tsiranavor church 5th century

Tsiranavor church

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At a place, once called a «fortress» (vicinity of Ashtarak town, Aragatzotn district) there is the oldest monument of that era called –...
Yereruyk church 5th century

Yereruyk church

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This 5th century basilica has undergone no major alterations, except the rebuilding, in ancient times, of the western gallery. A three-nave...
St.Zoravor church 17th century

St. Zoravor church

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St. Zoravor church is one of the oldest churches in Yerevan. Originally it was named after Astvatsatsin (the Virgin). The church was erected in...
Zvartnots temple 7th century

Zvartnots temple

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The architectural masterpiece of Zvartnots was built by the order of the Catholicos Nerses III between the years 641 and 662. It was damaged by...