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tours to armenia
Akhtala fortress 10th century

Akhtala fortress

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The Akhtala fortress is in Lori district and is constructed on a plateau resembling a peninsula surrounded with deep gorges from three sides. In...
Amberd fortress 10th century

Amberd fortress

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The complex of Amberd derives its great historical importance from its uniqueness, being one of the best and the largest examples of Armenian...
Baghaberd fortress 4th century

Baghaberd fortress

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Located in the Syunik province of Armenia, Baghaberd fortress is one of the ancient Armenian fortresses, which was proclaimed inaccessible due to...
Berdavan fortress 10th century

Berdavan fortress

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There is not much more to Berdavan fortress than you can see in the picture, but it is an attractive structure, originally thought to be built in...
Bjni fortress 9th century

Bjni fortress

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Bjni fortress situated in the gorge of river Hrazdan, Kotayk Region (Marz) 9 km south east from city Hrazdan. Bjni was known for church Surb...
Boloraberd fortress 13th century

Boloraberd fortress

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Boloraberd Fortress, also known as Proshaberd, is located in Vayots Dzor district and can be found 6-7 kilometers to the north of the town of...
Dashtadem Fortress 11th century

Dashtadem fortress

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Located next to Talin-Qarakert road Dashtadem Fortress was built in the 11th-13th centuries, and in the Middle Ages bore great defensive...
Erebuni fortress 8th century

Erebuni fortress

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The Erebuni Fortress was an Urartrian stronghold, founded in the last quarter of the 8th century. B.C. by King Argishti I. Located within the...
Halidzor fortress 17th century

Halidzor fortress

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Located in Kapan city, on the right bank of River Voghji, Halidzor Fortress was built in the 17th century and initially it was to serve as a...
Handaberd fortress 9th century

Handaberd fortress

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Century of Foundation: XIII. Region: Artsakh. A few more km past this gorge and you will see the small white row houses of the new Knaravan...
Horom Fortress

Horom fortress

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Taking the opposite road E, about 1 km E of the village of Horom (1333 v., S. Hripsime church of 1861) is a dam and reservoir. South of the road,...
Kachaghakaberd 9th century


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Kachaghakaberd Fortress is located between Qolatak and Ptrecik villages in Artsakh. It was also known as Khachen fortress. First time it was...
Kosh fortress 13th century

Kosh fortress

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Kosh Fortress (13th century) is located in the northern part, top of a hill with right-angled corners and circular towers, built with clear cut...
Lchashen fortress 7th century

Lchashen fortress

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To the south-west of the village Lchashen, on low hills, approached the shore, the route to the Urartian fortress starts (Lchashen Fortress)....
Lori fortress 11th century

Lori fortress

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In the western settlement of Lori-Berd (Lori Fortress) near Stepanavan, Armenia, surrounded with wonderful mountain landscapes the ruins of one...
Marzpetuni fortress 10th century

Marzpetuni fortress

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Marzpetuni Fortress complex “Gevorg Marzpetuni” is located 6 km North-West of Urtsadzor village of Ararat region of RA. The complex was founded...
Mayraberd fortress 18th century

Mayraberd fortress

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14 km towards east from Stepanakert is situated Askeran’s remarkable fort. The fort with high towers and thick walls is closed by Karkar...
Meghri fortress 10th century

Meghri fortress

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Meghri Fortress is a medieval Armenian architectural monument. It is situated on the tops of the mountain surrounding the town and holds the town...
Sev Fortress

Sev fortress

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Sev fortress is one of the architectural reminders of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. Under the hill more ancient strata has been found,...
Smbataberd fortress 10th century

Smbataberd fortress

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The Smbataberd fortress of the 10-11th centuries is located in the Vayots Dzor, to the east of the Artabuynk village. It has high and wide (2-3...
Tavush fortress 10th century

Tavush fortress

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Medieval Tavush fortress is located on the outskirts of Berd, Tavush region of Armenia. Near River Aghstev. At one time served as a fortress to...